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Our Philosophy At Amesville Shops.com

Amesville Shops was founded to serve the needs of early-period modelers (1875 to 1910) who need good, accurate and prototypical cars for their layouts. Unlike many previous manufacturers who have specialized in producing unusual and unique cars that are easily recognized or draw attention to themselves, the cars we offer are purposely common and ordinary, so that they will join your railroad and become 'just another car' in any train.

But while they may not be unique eye-catchers, we know you will appreciate the accuracy and prototypical appearance of our models. We strive to make them represent real everyday cars that would have been commonly seen in any train through the 1880's to the beginning of the 20th century. No Giraffe cars here!

Plus, the quality of our resin kits is very high compared to some resin car kit manufacturers.  You can be certain when you buy an Amesville Shops car you are getting some of the best work in the business.  We've had many positive comments from folks who have purchased and built our kits.  Easy to build, very detailed, simple instructions - our products stand shoulder to shoulder with many of the best providers.

And our new line of Laser-Cut wood kits are similarly of high quality. Each kit is carefully designed and built by at least two persons before it is offered for sale, and the feedback of those initial builds is used to correct any issues before the kit is ever offered to you. We also have out kits run in short batches so if a better way of doing something is learned or a problem pops up, it can be corrected fairly quickly without the error becoming a legacy that lasts for years.

What does this have to do with Amesville?

The Amesville shops in Amesville, Connecticut were the primary erection shops of the Housatonic Railroad from the 1870's through the 1890's.  The facility was originally an iron works that made heavy cannons for the Union Army before and during the civil war.  When the war ended the iron works fell on hard times, and was taken over by the Housatonic Railroad in the 1870's.  The complex was expanded and converted to a locomotive maintenance and construction center, and repairs to freight and passenger cars were made there too.  In that Yankee pioneer spirit, we strive to continue their work and make and sell model railroad kits of good quality and fair prices.  The buildings you see in our logo are a part of the railroads' shops complex.