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Thanks for your interest!  Because we are a very small, low-volume garage-style workshop, we don't have the resources for a full-blown e-commerce ordering solution.  The best way to order our products is to contact us at orders@AmesvilleShops.com and let us know what you want through e-mail. 

Some additional information that may be helpful:

Shipping is usually USPS First Class or Priority Mail; charges are generally about $5.99 for up to two items, and usually $1 more each additional 2 items to addresses in the contiguous 48 states. Contact us for rates to other countries of if you prefer another service / carrier or additional services such as insurance.

Payment can be made through Paypal (contact us for the address) or by personal check or money order.  Orders paid by checks and money orders will be held until the funds clear.  PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT make checks and money orders out to Amesville Shops.  We don't have a business bank account and we'll have to return your payment if it is made out this way, delaying your order.  We will supply you with the correct Pay to the Order Of information when you place your order.

Orders and payments may be mailed to this address:

Amesville Shops, 23 Nugent Drive, Clifton, NJ  07012

If possible, please drop us a quick e-mail at orders@AmesvilleShops.com and let us know it's coming, otherwise we only check the box once a week.

Orders may take up to a week to be processed, we often fill orders on the weekends and mail packages on Monday or Tuesday.  

Thank you for your business!  We look forward to serving you.