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Bertie Award 2014

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New Product! 1880's Pennsylvania RR Type GA Gondola, HO Scale - $34.00

Coming Soon! Eastern 1870's End-Porch Boxcar, HO Scale - $30.00

1880's Pennsylvania RR Type XB / XC Boxcar in HO scale - $34.00

Amesville Shops XB Boxcat kit Amesville Shops XC Boxcar Kit

Test-build of the XB and XC Boxcars shown. This is our first Laser-Cut Kit!.  Kit will include custom laser cut details, detail parts and wire from Tichy Train Group, and custom decals. Couplers and trucks not included.

1876 New York Central & Hudson River Railroad 29' Boxcar Kit In HO Scale - Sold Out!

ACTUAL car kit shown, assembled, painted and decaled. Kit features a 1-piece body, Tahoe Model Works trucks, custom decals by Rail Graphics (2 styles) and extra detail parts from Tichy Train Group!  Couplers not included.

Limited Quantities available

Missouri, Kansas and Texas 28' Gondola car kit in HO scale - $28.00

Actual built-up kit shown. Includes details and wire by Tichy Train Group. Decals, trucks and couplers not included.

What is Amesville Shops about?

AmesvilleShops.com is a website dedicated to serving the needs of the 'Golden Age of Railroading' modeler, where you can purchase model railroad cars based on late 19th century railroad equipment like Boxcars and Gondolas and Flatcars in HO scale.  The time between the U.S. Civil War and the turn of the 20th century has traditionally been a poorly represented time period of the model railroading hobby, which we hope to change.  We at AmesvilleShops.com are working hard to put inexpensive laser-cut and resin craftsman kits of common freight cars form the period into your hands at reasonable prices. 

Questions?  Comments?  Please contact info@amesvilleshops.com


Last update:  May 4, 2015